Values & Philosophy

We strongly believe that maintaining the highest levels of integrity and having unquestionable values are basic requirements vis a vis our clients. This is the foundation of all our decisions, from the solutions we develop and implement to our dedicated advisor support as we strive to provide a superior and compelling client experience.

Our heritage as a premium wealth planning and trust specialist and as a private equity investor is deeply rooted in our firm’s philosophy and the values we maintain:

For us to be in a position to always act in our client's best interest, we take great care to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. As an important aspect of our independency, we have no formal ties to any bank or other financial institutions and abstain from offering asset management services. With this, we are able to act as attorneys only and are in a position to put our client's interest first.

At First Alliance, we conduct all matters of our business with integrity. We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. Our professionalism is utmost, even when facing critical decisions in the course of business. The time and effort put into every project is true to our philosophy of delivering superior results in a thoroughly professional manner.

The cases we work on are as different and individual as the people behind them. This is why we address each situation with an adequate and tailored approach. We are not product-focused - whether inhouse or outside - because we aim to offer personal, innovative, tailor-made solutions for the unique needs and goals of each of our clients.

Privacy and Peace of Mind
We recognise and understand the importance of privacy, and its ever increasing significance in today’s world. We apply the highest standards to safeguard it and to provide the desired peace of mind, so that our clients can do well and sleep well.

Premium Service Offering
Rooted in Switzerland, reliability, trustworthiness and integrity quite naturally form the essence of our service offering. We consider them preconditions to building a successful long term partnership with our clients by living and earning their trust every day, year after year, for many years to come.