Creating Value in Private Equity and Finance

First Alliance and Capital Invest Ltd is an independent private finance and investment company.

With our private equity and structured finance activities, we discover compelling finance and investment opportunities in smaller, non listed companies, helping them to finance their business expansion and new ventures. We support entrepreneurs in implementing their visions, developing their businesses in order to achieve their ambitions, thereby creating value for the business stakeholders and our own investors. In selected cases we bundle investment opportunities for placement with a closed circle of investors.

We generally invest into companies with a strong management team and business ownership, a promising and tested business with a clear strategy and offering but lacking the possibility of financing through capital markets. With loan, equity or mezzanine financings, we help realizing their long term value potential.

We believe that management, leadership and business owners with a clear vision and proven experience to deliver outstanding results are key to the success of an enterprise. We therefore aim at working with and supporting incumbent talented leaders, setting a framework for enabling them to exploit their skills. We focus on financial control, rather than taking over operational functions or bringing in new management teams.

Our finance and investment activity is based on a clear strategic framework with a selective and conservative approach. It puts the specifics of each single investment into focus rather than an individual market or region only, thereby supporting and enabling strong management teams and whilst we manage a certain portfolio of investments, each investment itself must fulfil our internal criteria. Analytical skills, business expertise, a clear business policy and risk management provides sustainable success and avoids bulk failures and tail end risk.

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